Flu Shoots In Redding
By: Owens Healthcare On: October 13, 2016 In: Community, Health Information Comments: 0
2016 Flu Shots In Redding And Palo Cedro

For some people, such as older adults, the Flu can have significant medical complications.

2016 Flu Shots Now Available at Owens Healthcare Locations

It’s time for you and your loved ones to get vaccinated against this year’s influenza virus. Each year, influenza (also known as “the Flu”) affects 5% – 20% of Americans. The Flu is spread via tiny airborne droplets that are generated by coughs or sneezes. People who touch surfaces or objects that have the Flu virus on them and then touch their mouth, eyes or nose can also be infected.

The Flu season typically begins in the months of January or February, though it can begin much earlier in the fall months, and can last as late as the month of May in some areas. Because of this, health professionals recommend that Americans get vaccinated against the Flu in October, as soon as the vaccine is made available (though vaccination through December is also effective).

For most, having the Flu can mean 1-2 weeks of misery. For some people, however, such as young children, older adults, pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions, the Flu can have significant medical complications such as dehydration and pneumonia, and in some cases, may result in death.

The best way to protect yourself and your family against the Flu this season is to get vaccinated. Visit any Owens location today to receive your Flu shot. No appointment is necessary and many insurance plans cover the cost of the vaccination.

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