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At Owens Healthcare, we are very proud to introduce the Owens Healthcare Preferred Customer Card, which offers substantial savings on prescriptions, over the counter items, and medical equipment.

That’s right, the Owens Healthcare card not only saves you significant amounts on your prescription (often over 40%), but you also receive special discounted pricing on all over the counter products, and 15% on all medical equipment (see our beautiful medical equipment showroom located at 2950 Railroad Avenue in Redding).

“Many of our senior customers are on fixed incomes and have a hard time affording their medications. With the Owens Healthcare Preferred Customer Card, customers are amazed at how much they save each month! It makes all of us here at Owens Healthcare feel good when we are able to help our customers in such a significant way.”

– Owens Healthcare Senior Care Advocate interview

Preferred Customer Card

The Owens Healthcare Preferred Customer Card is just one more reason why so many people in the North State are making the change to Owens Healthcare Pharmacies. Listen to what just a few of our customers have said:

“With free delivery and less than 15 minute wait times, I thought there was nothing more that could be done to make me more satisfied as a customer…then I got the Owens Healthcare’s Preferred Customer Card and I couldn’t believe the savings…I saved over $35 on one prescription”.“I don’t have any prescriptions to fill, but the Preferred Customer Card saved me so much money on my vitamins and medical equipment, I told all my neighbors about it”.

Free Discount Card

Once again, with Owens Healthcare, IT’S FREE. That’s right, the Owens Healthcare Preferred Customer Card is absolutely FREE. Similar cards from other companies cost over $230 per year.
Redding Prescription Discount Card,

As with most things at Owens Healthcare, signing up is QUICK and EASY. Just call or come in to your local Owens Healthcare Pharmacy, or call 1-800-MYOWENS (696-9367) and ask to sign up for the Owens Healthcare Preferred Customer Card. You will immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of the card and your permanent card will follow in 2 to 3 weeks via the mail.

Just one more way Owens Healthcare is making your life easier.

Don’t wait, call today and ask for the Owens Healthcare Preferred Customer Card.

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