Free Delivery

Free Pharmacy Delivery In Redding

FREE Pharmacy Delivery

No matter what your age or stage in life, one thing is for sure, there is not ENOUGH TIME to get everything done in this busy world we live in. At Owens Healthcare we understand just how VALUABLE YOUR TIME is to you.

Making Things Easier For You

Stop wasting your valuable time today! Stop putting up with the long walks, distant parking, and waiting in line in the big box / national chain stores. Stop wasting your gas, money, and time – Call Owens Healthcare today and ask for “free delivery”. That’s right, FREE delivery to your home or work. It’s that simple and easy.

Free Pharmacy Delivery In Redding
Not always home or available to receive vehicle delivery? That’s ok! We will mail your prescription to your home so it will be waiting for you when you arrive at home (usually the very next day). Most patients prefer the convenience and flexibility of our FREE mail delivery.

Just one more way Owens Healthcare is making your life easier.

Call today and ask for FREE DELIVERY.