Medical Equipment FAQ

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What does my insurance allow?

We will obtain pre-authorization with the client’s insurance company to determine if/and how much will be covered by their insurance.

How can the Reimbursement department at Owens Healthcare help me?
  1. Our Reimbursement courtesy bills most insurances including Medicare & Medi-cal.
  2. Call with specific questions for your individual insurance concerns.
How do I find out what items are covered by Medicare & Medi-cal?

Our specially trained customer service staff are knowledgeable about the coverage of Medicare and Medi-cal. All covered items do require a prescription and MD bill assigned. Please call with specific coverage questions.

Does Owens Healthcare offer in home evaluations for medical equipment?

Yes. Our rehab technicians have a vast knowledge of products and seating systems to meet the client’s needs.

What geographic area does Owens Healthcare cover and what are the service hours?

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What kind of after hours service does Owens Healthcare offer?
  1. Owens Healthcare has someone on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide assistance when the store is generally closed.
  2. For all non-emergency calls or orders, regular office hours are 9am-6pm.